“The Loving Push” by Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Debra Moore


In Episode 5, listen along as we talk with the Dr. Temple Grandin, arguably, the most famous autistic person in the world!  She and her co-author, Dr. Debra Moore, have written a book that is an absolute MUST-READ for parents raising children on the autism spectrum, and in my opinion, for ANY parent raising children at all!  Their chapter about gaming, along should be read by all parents just for the research that the they reveal and address about the big game companies and how they hook our children, and make sure they keep playing their games day and night!  This book helps motivate us, as parents, to push our kids just beyond their comfort zones in order to help prepare them for the world as they grow up and get ready to leave us when they graduate from high school.

It was a huge honor to to do this interview with Temple and Debra and we look forward to staying in touch in the future!

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The Loving Push”

by Temple Grandin, Ph.D. and Debra Moore, Ph.D.

Explore this wonderful new book that stresses the need for us to help our children channel their interests and get them motivated to help themselves succeed as adults!