Resources - Only the Best and Most Trusted!

I will not fill these pages full of links for you to swim through, but will share the resources I use the most myself!

“The Loving Push”

by Dr. Temple Grandin

and Dr. Debra Moore

(Click here for our exclusive interview with Dr. Grandin and Dr. Moore)

Aspie Spot

I founded Aspie Spot in 2014, along with my daughter, Abby, a teen with Asperger’s.  Together, we have written many articles and shared video blogs about life with Asperger’s, which is now called “high functioning autism.”  Aspie Spot is a great resource for families looking for information or just wanting to feel like someone else understands what it’s like to be on this journey!

SPD Foundation

The SPD Foundation is a world leader in research, education, and advocacy for Sensory Processing Disorder, a neurological condition that disrupts the daily lives of many children and adults. Originally called the KID Foundation, SPDF has been providing hope and help to individuals and families living with SPD.


Ellen Notbohm

Book author, columnist and mother of sons with autism and ADHD, Ellen Notbohm’s writings on autism, parenting, history, baseball and general interest subjects have been published worldwide in more than twenty languages. Her books Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew, Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew and The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled are all ForeWord Book of the Year medal winners and finalists, as well as recipients of many other awards and nominations including the Eric Hoffer Book Award, iParenting Media Award, and Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award.


Future Horizons

Future Horizons was created to meet the needs of teachers, therapists, and family members who face the challenge of autism.  Our books, videos, and conferences are geared to bring you the most current information possible to assist in that challenge. It is our strong belief that every child and adult with autism can improve and contribute to the lives of those who love them and, in many ways, contribute to society. We at Future Horizons pride ourselves in bringing to the mission not only a strong sense of professionalism, but one that is also based on personal relationships. Virtually all of us have family members or friends who are affected.